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Honda Spark Plug Wires

The transfer of the electrical impulse through the Honda Spark Plug Wires is how the ignition system is connected to the combustion chamber on your vehicle. Today the spark plug wires installed on all Hondas rolling off the assembly line are made with a glass fiber core. The electrical impulses travel at the speed of light from the ignition coil to the spark plug so there is no hesitation in the sending of this vital signal to power your vehicle.

In the past most of the Honda spark plug wires had a cooper core. They do have a very low resistance to the flow of electricity through them, but not the speed of light and the reason for the change. The key is speed and lowest possible resistance to the flow of the electrical impulse from one component to the next.

The only disadvantage of the new glass fiber spark plug wires used on the Honda's is they have weaker connections at their ends. Some technicians and Honda owners just grab at a spark plug wire and pull it off. In the past the copper wire with metal connector had a strong enough bond to withstand this pulling action. The glass fibers are weaker in their structure and can easily become disengaged from the connecter rendering the wire faulty. To help prevent this from occurring it is highly recommended that the boot at the end of the wire not only be used to pull the wire from the plug, but it should also first be slightly twisted. This will break the bond the boot has made with the spark plug that was created by the heat in the engine compartment of the Honda. This procedure will enable the spark plug wires to be removed and then reused during a routine tune up all vehicles with internal combustion engine require.

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