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Pontiac Spark Plug Wires

The Pontiac spark plug wires are the conduits for the electrical charge to reach the spark plugs. On newer Pontiac models the spark plug wires are connected to a coil pack, and on the older models they are connected to the distributor cap. With the many years that have progressed in the use of the spark plug wires, so has the technology used in the development of them by the manufacturers. In the past most of the Pontiac spark plug wires had a copper core. This was used because copper has a low level of resistance to an electrical current when it flows through it. The latest technology has incorporated the use of carbon composite fibers, replacing the older copper cores. They have an even lower level of resistance to the passing of an electrical current. This is why late model Pontiac models have carbon composite fibers for the conduits of this electrical current. They tend to last longer than the older style of copper core, but will still become brittle in time. Breaking the carbon composite fibers inside each wire increases the resistance of the electrical flow they are carrying. The one advantage the copper core spark plug wires have over their carbon composite fiber counter parts is that the connection to the spark plugs is sturdier. If a technician just pulls on the spark plug wire to remove it, in many instances the wire becomes disconnected to the fitting that holds it in place on the plug. To avoid this on your Pontiac engine, the boot at the end of the wire should be slightly twisted which will loosen the grip the boot has made on the plug. This way the wire can be disconnected without damaging it.

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