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The speedometer is one of the most common and prominent of the instruments and gauges found on the modern car. It simply tells the driving the speed that the car is traveling. It is important information for the driver to know to better maintain control of the car, judge stopping distances and obey posted speed limits. It is covered with numbers usually with five mile-per-hour increments. The final number is not necessarily an indication of top speed as the car may have a governor. For years, the US had a federal speed limit of 55 miles-per-hour. Speedometers made during those years with have the number 55 specially highlighted. You may have a problem if it does not move at all, moves erratically or clearly indicates the wrong speed. If you can't tell the speed you are going, you may end up going to fast which could result in tickets. The problem may be a bad connection, bad calibration, or worn out internal parts.

The speedometer became one of the most important gauges that would usually occupy a prominent place on the dashboard. Many are round gauges with a needle that swings in a clockwise motion to indicate the car's speed. Other types included a barrel style that rotated and a bar style that had the needle located at the top or bottom and moved left or right as the car sped up or slowed down. In the 1980s, digital speedometers became more popular and more recently LED screens with heads-up displays have entered luxury cars. Still, the most common speedometers are round analog dials.

Removing and installing a new speedometer will require opening up the dash or gauge cluster. These instructions are not vehicle specific but should work on most cars and trucks. Disconnect the wires from the old gauge and remove the gauge from the opening. Put your new speedometer in its place and reconnect the wires. While you have access, you may want to consider also replacing the other gauges, wires, or light bulbs.

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