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Spindle Support Strut

Aftermarket & OEM Spindle Support Strut

With a broken spindle support strut on a vehicle, control over the rear wheels and just how stable they feel to the operator will be reduced. This suspension component can be damaged if a large obstacle like a rock or pot hole is encounter by the rear wheel of a vehicle. The spindle support strut is on the vehicle to maintain the rear spindle and its mounting to the suspension system of a front wheel drive vehicle. When this support bar is not performing its task, the rear tire will prematurely wear because of the excessive movement of the tire as compared to the frame of the vehicle.

The location of the spindle support strut is in the rear wheel assemblies of a front wheel driven vehicle. One end is connected to the rear spindle with the other end to the strut in the rear suspension system. The shape diameter and length of each bar is dependent on the manufacture of the vehicle. A very basic spindle support strut looks like a bar with bushings at both ends. These bushing are where the mounting bolts fit through it so it can be secured to the spindle or strut. These bushings do wear out in time from being used on the vehicle.

To replace the worn spindle support strut requires that the vehicle be lifted into the air with no weight on the wheel assemblies. If the old spindle support strut is bent, the surrounding area and support components should be inspected for damage. If just the bushing is worn, inspect the mounting bolt or stud for wear. Once the inspection is completed the new component can be mounted into place.