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Are you changing your tires due to uneven tire wear more than usual? There are a couple of causes of uneven tire wear, one of them is improper tire inflation pressure and the other being out of spec tire alignment. A bad steering knuckle is a steering and suspension part that can throw your alignment out of spec. Due to their size and shape, even when they are damaged or bent, it is typically not obvious. Steering knuckles are heavy cast parts, made of aluminum or steel, and are not repairable and should be replaced if damaged.

The steering knuckle is a very important part of your front end suspension. The steering system depends on the knuckle to maintain control of the wheels. It also anchors many important components of the front end suspension. The steering knuckle connects the upper and lower suspension to the wheel support assembly and is the mounting point for the wheel spindle or hub. Before you proceed with replacing a bad steering knuckle, make sure the vehicle is parked on a flat level surface. You will need to lift your vehicle and place it on jack stands. Remove the tire, brake caliper, brake rotor and the wheel hub. You should now be able to unbolt the steering knuckle from the control arm and strut assembly and remove it. Install the new part and secure it into place and re-install all the parts you removed in reverse order. After replacing any steering component, you should take the vehicle to get professionally aligned.

A properly working steering system is important in ensuring your safety while driving. So be sure to replace a damaged steering knuckle as soon as possible. When you purchase a part from Car Parts Discount you can rest assured that it meets or exceeds OEM specifications. So give us a call and order the replacement steering knuckle you need today!