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If you are required to apply pressure to the steering wheel for your ignition switch to function then this may be an indication of a worn or damaged steering lock assembly. When the steering column does not lock at all then this means that this device has broken. This is a vital component in theft prevention and must function properly to deter someone from steeling your car, truck, or SUV. It also needs to be serviceable to allow you to start your vehicle and can create excessive wear or premature failure to associated components. The steering column will experience increased stress due to this situation causing components to bend or break at some point. The key lock cylinder is also affected with a huge amount of unwanted stress and pressure being applied which can render it inoperative. On some vehicles a plastic steering wheel is utilized that can crack or even break due to increased pressure being applied to it. This situation presents a huge vehicle control and safety issue that can be avoided by early detection and an appropriate repair procedure. This minor repair conducted in a timely manner can prevent a lot of frustration and more extensive repair requirements.

The steering lock assembly is a device that was incorporated by the vehicle manufactures in the early 1970's to enhance theft prevention. Theft prevention measures have come a long ways in development over the years. Prior to 1949 cars and trucks didn't even require a key to start them. You just pushed a starter switch located on the floor board or dash and the automobile would start with no key required. Due to the fact that people began taking cars that didn't belong to them the Chrysler corporation started the concept of requiring a key to start a vehicle in 1949.

Replacement procedures for a steering lock assembly can have several variables depending on the year, make, and model of the automobile the process is to be completed on. You should obtain the appropriate technical references for your vehicle to guide you through this process. The specific configuration will determine the removal requirements and the difficulty level. You must determine the location of the device and what components require removal to allow access to it. In some circumstances you may require special tools such as a steering wheel removal tool. Other situations could require the removal of the steering column. Removing the key lock cylinder may also be involved in the process. All cars and trucks can have a series of different processes to accomplish this task and some are easier than others. You must evaluate the specific application for your vehicle and apply the basic repair procedures that best fit in your situation.

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