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Steering Shaft Flex Disc Coupling

Aftermarket & OEM Steering Shaft Flex Disc Coupling

If you notice that your car, truck, or SUV is not steering as smoothly as normal you should inspect the steering shaft coupling. If this component is worn or damaged you may feel hesitation in the steering wheel while cornering. Another indication of this device malfunctioning is the acknowledgement of strange sounds coming from the engine bay when you turn the wheel. When the flex disc is defective it creates a huge negative impact on the handing capabilities of the automobile. When vehicle navigation is hindered an extreme safety issue develops requiring the appropriate repairs to be accomplished as soon as possible. When the steering shaft flex disc is not functioning correctly unwanted stress is applied to associated components and may cause them to fail as well.

The steering shaft flex disc provides a flexible union between the shaft and the steering gear assembly. This device absorbs the pressure that is applied during the steering process to facilitate it to operate in a smooth manner. They are constructed utilizing thick rubber to enable this component to be flexible. They also incorporate a variety of metal hardware to mount them appropriately to meet the application requirements. This concept allows them to function similar to a universal joint that exhibits the ability to be a much more flexible device.

The difficulty level of replacing a steering shaft coupling is normally dictated by its location and the car or truck that you are accomplishing this task on. You may be required to remove several components or obstructions to facilitate the appropriate access to this device to remove it. In some situations it may be more accessible from underneath the automobile depending on the steering system configuration. You should evaluate your options to determine the method that is best for your situation.

When buying a steering flex disc you must keep in mind that it is a vital component within the steering system of your car truck, or SUV. This increases the importance of the quality level of the replacement part you select. Car Parts Discount is a leader in the automotive parts business that you can depend on to purchase the best quality part to accomplish all of your required repairs.