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Audi Strut Mount

The support the Audi Strut Mount provides the suspension in your front wheel assembly is vital to just how well your vehicle will be able to maneuver in traffic. This is the upper hold down point for the strut which has replaced the older style of shock absorbers and spring coils on earlier models.

The strut mount on all Audis is located in the upper center section of the fender wells. This area of the fender well is supported with additional braces so the hold-down point of this suspension component is kept firmly in place. The Audi strut mount itself is constructed of both metal and polymer components. This is so it can be firmly mounted to the fender well and the strut itself in the best possible manner.

The portion of the strut mount that wears over time is the polymer section that holds the strut itself. What the Audi owner has to look for when visually inspecting this suspension component is the cracking, splitting or enlargement of the hole of the polymer itself. A physical inspection can also be done but the wheels must be lifted into the air with no weight on them. Then the strut itself can be grasped to see if there is any movement in the strut mount.

If either of these inspections result in a problem being noticed from this suspension mount, then it should be replaced as soon as possible. Until that occurs, the maneuvering responsiveness of the Audi will be negatively affected.

There is a strut mount on each wheel assembly where there is a strut. If one is worn, the others will be in a similar condition and replacement is recommended.

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