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The polymer and metal components of the Buick Strut Mount are what hold the top of your suspension system in place in the front wheel assembly on your vehicle. The strut mount can be found in the center of the front fender well. It has to be inspected from both the top and the bottom so the real condition of it will be known.

Because the strut mount on your Buick has two different materials in its construction, each one of them must be judged on their ability to maintain its structural integrity so it can hold the top of the strut in place on your vehicle. The polymer section of the strut mount has to be inspected for cracks and splits along with the size of the hole where the strut passes through it. If the hole has become enlarged or there are cracks in the polymer, it has excessive wear on it and should be replaced. The metal section of the strut mount must be inspected for rust and tears in it. This is the part of the component that is directly mounted to the fender well. If this hold down area is no longer secure, then again the entire component should be replaced on your Buick.

The replacement of the Buick Strut mount is not a complicated procedure, but the strut will have to be removed for this repair to occur. This might include the compression of the strut and the spring that is coiled around it.

When replacing a strut mount on your Buick, it should be noticed that the one on the other side has been exposed to the same conditions and time frame as the one that is being replaced. For this reason it should also be replaced for a better handling vehicle once the repairs are finished.

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