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Chevrolet Strut Mount

The location of the Chevrolet strut mount can be seen on the fender well of the car under the hood. This is the location the MacPherson strut is securely attached to the car's body. If there is any wear or movement of the strut in this mount, the handling of the car will be adversely affected. The symptoms of a worn strut mount on your Chevrolet can be felt in the steering wheel of the vehicle along with the way it handles when driving down the road. In some instances what distinguishes the failure of Chevrolet strut mount from other suspension and steering parts failing is a clunking noise when you go over a bump in the road. This noise is when the strut becomes separated from the mount then comes back in contact with it. To inspect the strut mount on your Chevrolet lift the hood and look at it on the fender well. It will be the part with the three bolts and the rubber donut shaped bushing in the center of the fender well. The strut mount has both metal and polymer components to it. Either or both can be worn. The polymer can become split or cracked over time. The metal portion can become rusted which weakens the metal. If either is seen replacement of the strut mount is recommended to fix the handling problem you are experiencing. An owner of a Chevrolet with this suspension system can replace the strut mount if they are equipped to load the coiled spring and release it properly. This is required for the replacement of this part. Because of the difficulties and tools required, most owners take their car to a repair shop for this job to be completed.

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