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Dodge Strut Mount

The Dodge strut mount is the secure anchor for this suspension part on your vehicle. It is located in the wheel well of the vehicle where the strut protrudes through it. There are both metal and polymer components of the strut mount that can fail on your Dodge. The symptoms of a worn strut mount include the banging noise coming from under the hood when the car or truck passes over a bump. This will be metal to metal contact of the strut hitting what is left of the mount when it is performing its duty. The only way to solve this dilemma is for the part to be replaced. A visual inspection of the Dodge strut mount is warranted if the banging noise is heard. Once the hood is lifted, the top of the wheel well should be looked at. Where the mount is located the inspector should be looking for rust on the metal or any actual metal that might be torn. The polymer bushing should also be inspected for wear. This could be either splitting or cracking of the rubber. If any of these conditions are noticed on your Dodge, the strut mount must be replaced immediately. Failure to do so will result in damage to other components in the near vicinity of it like the strut itself or other suspension parts. This will increase the cost of the repairs to your vehicle. The wearing out of a strut mount does occur over time like any other part that has a polymer grommet in it to prevent metal to metal contact between components. Dodge models are not alone in needing this type of repair, all cars or trucks with Macpherson struts experience the same condition in time and usage.

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