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Ford Strut Mount

A Ford strut mount is a support structure component of the suspension system on a vehicle. It is the upper anchor to the body which is made out of polymer and metal parts. Because of the polymer components in the strut mount, it wears out over time requiring it to be replaced. An inspection of this suspension part on your Ford can be done by the owner. There is a Ford strut mount on both front fender wells under the hood. It is the part with what appears to be a stud protruding from it pointing upwards. This is the upper portion of the strut. What should be looked for in an inspection of the strut mount is any wear on the polymer grommet that comes in contact with the strut. The wear could be splitting, cracking, or indications that the rubber is just worn out of shape to the point where the strut is no longer being held tightly in place. The owner of the Ford should also look at the metal component of the strut mount. This is what secures this suspension part to the wheel well. The metal pieces might also be cracked, rusted from exposure to the elements, or the stress placed on it as being the upper support point of this component. Because of the load placed on the strut, the strut mount is not something most Ford owners would like to undertake. This load requires the use of some specialty tools to safely compress the spring on the strut so the upper mount can be replaced. If you hear a thumping sound when your wheel crosses over an object or hole in the road, then that is another indication the mount might be in need of replacing. Only a proper inspection will determine if this is true or not.

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