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Hyundai Strut Mount

The support provided by the Hyundai Strut Mount for the suspension system is necessary for it to function as required. This support is made possible by the strut mount with the metal structural support of the component with a polymer interior that comes in direct contact with the strut, firmly holding it in place on your Hyundai.

An inspection of the strut mount under the hood of your Hyundai only shows the upper section of this component. This is the protrusion that extends upward out of the wheel well on both sides of the vehicle. The metal upper portion of the strut mounts can be seen along with the polymer part of this support structure. If the metal is torn or rusted replacement of this component on your Hyundai should be considered. In the polymer section the inspector should observe if the hole in the polymer where the strut protrudes through the mount is larger than the strut shaft itself. If this is the case, then again replacement is warranted.

To confirm the Hyundai strut mount should be replaced, an inspection of the underside of it should be completed. This is the physical part of the inspection where the strut is grasped to see if it can be physically moved in the mount. If there is movement, it has to be replaced to minimize the damage to the other components in the near vicinity of it.

Another indication that the strut mount might be faulty is if a knocking sound is heard when the vehicle encounters an obstacle on the road. This knocking sound can be the strut banging up against the mount because it is loss and not being held down properly on your Hyundai.

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