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Mazda Strut Mount

The Mazda strut mounts are the upper support for this suspension component. The upper portion of this anchor point for the Macpherson struts is located at the top of the fender well or wheelhouse of your vehicle. The Mazda strut mount is constructed of both metal and polymer components. In most instances, the polymer component tends to wear out and that is the reason the strut mount would need to be replaced. This is when the polymer cracks or the hole the strut it is fitted through is expanded to the point the strut cannot long be firmly held in place. An inspection of the front strut mounts on your Mazda can be accomplished by opening the hood of your vehicle. The rear ones can usually be seen from inside the trunk. Not only should the polymer component of this suspension part be inspected, but also the metal. It is the metal that is bolted to the fender well. If there is a considerable amount of rust present on the strut mount, replacement might be warranted. The metal portion of this anchor suspension component can also become torn or ripped. This occurs when there has been an excessive amount of play in the mount over time due to the polymer section being worn. If this is occurring on your Mazda, the driver might notice the steering of the vehicle might not feel as stable as before. The replacement of a worn strut mount does require special tools. This is so the coil spring on the strut can be compressed allowing the strut to be removed. Without this pressure being relieved on the struts upper section, the mount on your Mazda can not be safely removed and replaced. If you do not possess this tool it is highly recommended that a repair shop carry out this procedure.

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