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Mitsubishi Strut Mount

The stability of the front wheel assembly suspension components rests in the proper working condition of the Mitsubishi Strut Mount. The strut mount is the suspension component that secures in place the upper section of the strut to the body of the Mitsubishi.

The Mitsubishi strut mount can be found by looking under the hood of the vehicle and locating the fender well. In the center of this wheel cover is a protrusion of the strut. The surrounding bracket is the mount. It can also be viewed from the underside of the fender well. During an inspection of the mount, both sides should be visually inspected.

When an obstacle is encounter by the wheel and the struts is called into action in dampening the movement of the body and a banging noise is heard, the strut mount should be on the list of possible failing components that should be inspected on your Mitsubishi.

The inspection of the strut mounts is a simple two step process. The first one is the visual inspection where the polymer grommet that holds the strut firmly in place has to be viewed. If there are any cracks in the polymer or the hole where the strut protrudes up through it has become enlarged from wear, this suspension mounting component is failing and should be replaced. The second step is the physical portion of the inspection. This part is concentrated on the metal section of the strut mount. If it is rusted or torn from the stresses placed on it, it will no longer be able to secure the top of the strut in place on your Mitsubishi. If either inspection fails, the component should be replaced.

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