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Toyota Strut Mount

With the Toyota strut mount in proper working condition, the top of this suspension component will be held firmly into place. The strut mount is constructed of both polymer and metal components, and is located in the top center of the front and rear fender wells on your Toyota. It is generally the polymer section of the strut mount that tends to first show signs of wear on this suspension component. Over time, the polymer will crack and split due to the stresses that it is exposed to in the movement of the Toyota when it is on the road. When this is the present state of your Toyota strut mount, the lateral movement of your front wheel is increases as time progresses. This additional movement also tends to place wear on the control arm and its bushings along with additional stress on the CV drive axle. If the strut mount is not replaced in a timely manner once it begins to show signs of wear, the effects on the other components located near it in the front wheel assembly will be negatively affected. The replacing of this suspension component is not an easy procedure. Most struts have a coil spring wrapped around them and this must be compressed for the top of the strut to be removed. If this special tool is not available, then this repair procedure will be impossible to accomplish. Once the spring is compressed the strut mount can easily be removed and replaced. With this mounting component in place, the damage to the remaining components located near it in the front wheel assembly should also be inspected to ensure your Toyota is safe to travel on the road. The same type of wear on the polymer grommets is the best thing to look for.

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