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Monroe 181346 Suspension Strut and Coil Spring Assembly

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Monroe RoadMatic Complete Strut Assembly. RoadMatic(TM) strut assemblies include all the components required for strut replacement in a single, fully-assembled unit. This fully integrated design helps reduce installation time, eliminating the need for a spring compressor, ensuring a complete repair. RoadMatic strut assemblies feature nitrogen gas charging, velocity proportional valving and all-weather fluid to deliver improved comfort at an economical price.

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Ford 3W7Z18124BA
Ford 3W7Z18124CA
Ford 3W7Z18124GA
Ford 3W7Z18125DA
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Ford 3W7Z18125FA
Ford 3W7Z18125GA
Ford 4W7Z18124AA
Ford 4W7Z18124BA
Ford 4W7Z18124CA
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Ford 4W7Z18125BA
Ford 4W7Z18125CA
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Lincoln 3W1Z18124AA
Lincoln 3W1Z18125CA
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Lincoln 4W1Z18125AA
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Mercury 3W7Z18124BA
Mercury 3W7Z18125DA
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Mercury 4W7Z18124AA
Mercury 4W7Z18124BA
Mercury 4W7Z18124CA
Mercury 4W7Z18124DA
Mercury 4W7Z18125AA
Mercury 4W7Z18125BA
Mercury 4W7Z18125CA
Mercury 4W7Z18125DA
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Mercury 6W7Z18124B
Mercury 6W7Z18124C
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Mercury 7W1Z18125A
Mercury 7W7Z18124A
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Mercury BW7Z18125A
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