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A properly operating Chrysler Strut has the ability to control the up and downward movement of the body so the passengers and components on the vehicle will not be negatively affected by this jarring motion.

The strut is the component in a suspension system that has replaced the older style used in the past that utilized shock absorbers and springs on many Chrysler models. The models the Chrysler struts are typically found on are the ones that have front wheel drive. This new type of suspension system not only allows for less play in the front wheel assembly than the older style, but also takes up less space. This makes it possible for the CV joint and the associated other drive devices to be located in the front wheel assembly and still have sufficient room to operate.

In time after being used the strut on your Chrysler will become worn and be in need of replacement. To know the extent of the wear on your suspension components, a test can be conducted by the owner of the vehicle. This is the same test a vehicle with shock absorbers can have and it is called the bounce test.

The bounce test involves the depression of one corner of the Chrysler and then its release. When the body is released, the number of times the body goes up and then down again before it comes to a resting position has to be observed. So an owner of the vehicle will have a point of reference, a new strut will allow for the body to move up then back to a resting position. With the increase in the number of times the body moves up and down, the greater the wear on the strut exists.

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