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There is a Ford strut on each wheel when you have an independent suspension system on your vehicle. The strut is the component on your Ford in the suspension system that has been replaced the shock absorber and coil spring. Unlike the shock absorber, that was separate from the coil spring, the strut mounted on your Ford car or truck has a spring incorporated into its design. With both of these suspension components joined together not only is vertical movement better regulated but so is horizontal movement. The use of the Ford struts in generally on the front suspension when the vehicle is front wheel driven. Testing this suspension component for failure or wear is similar to how a Ford owner would test their shocks: by applying pressure to the front corner of the body and releasing it. If the body moves up then back to a stationary position, then this suspension component is working properly. If the body continues to move up and down more than once, then this suspension component is worn and should be replaced. If one side is worn, then the strut on the other side of the vehicle should also be replaced at the same time so an even ride of the car or truck can be obtained. The strut is a closed loop hydraulic system that if any of the hydraulic fluid is leaking is another reason that warrants its replacement. The importance of this suspension system working properly is more than just a smooth ride for the passengers. The many other components on the body are adversely affected by the constant and uncontrolled movement by a worn out suspension system and can cause them to fail over time.

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