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The ability of the Mazda Strut to limit the vertical movement of your vehicle is why a smooth ride is enjoyable by the passengers of your vehicle. This is the suspension component that has now replaced the need for not only shock absorbers on the front of vehicles but also the coiled springs.

The Mazda strut is a hydraulic suspension component that will last for many years, but in time will require replacement just like shock absorbers. This is when the strut loses its ability to control the vertical movement of the body when an obstacle is encountered on the road.

The leading reason the struts were used instead of the older style of suspension system, is because it take up less space in the front wheel well. This makes it possible for the front wheel drive components of your Mazda to have ample room to be situated there.

If the owner of a Mazda believes their struts are worn and are in need of being replaced, there is a simple test they can preformed themselves on their vehicle. This is the bounce test that is also used to test a shock absorbers ability to control the vertical movement of the body. This is accomplished by depressing one of the fenders and releasing it. By observing the movement of the body, it can be determined if the strut should be replaced.

The determination is made for replacement of this suspension component when the body continues to move up and down more than once during the bounce test. When this occurs all of the movement control suspension devices on your Mazda should be replaced. This is the best way to provide your vehicle with a smooth and stable ride as possible.

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