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Mercedes-Benz Strut

The Mercedes-Benz Strut is one of the new suspension components now being used by this luxury car manufacturer. The strut is now being used instead of the older version of suspension system on Mercedes-Benz vehicles that utilized shock absorbers and springs.

It is true that the new struts being used on Mercedes-Benz cars are smaller than the older versions, but the leading reason they are in use is they control the lateral movement of the front wheel assembly better than the older version. The increase in control is from 2% of the older version to less than 1% on models that use the struts in their front suspension system.

Another great advantage of using the Mercedes-Benz struts is they tend to last considerably longer than the older version with shock absorbers. This reduces the repair cost on an annual basis for the owner of the vehicle.

If one of these newer styles of suspension components is suspected in failing, the same test that is used to see if a shock absorber is functioning correctly is also used to test them. This is the well known bounce test. This test consists of one corner of the vehicle being depressed. This is accomplished by a person pressing down on one of the fenders then releasing the pressure. The movement of the body then has to be observed and understood. If the body moves up then back to a fixed position, the struts are in proper working order on your Mercedes-Benz. If the body continues to move more than that, then the suspension system is showing signs of wear and the replacement of parts are the only solution to resolving the situation.

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