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The ability of the Toyota strut to control the vertical moment of your vehicle is something most owners would not be willing to give up. This is a closed loop hydraulic system that dampens the movement the wheel when an obstacle in the road is encountered. The Macpherson strut was introduced to vehicles when a new type of suspension system was necessary for the front wheel drive Toyota vehicles. This new system is smaller in size as compared to the older style with coils and shock absorbers. There is also a reduction in the lateral movement of the wheel which helps to make the drive section of the vehicle to last longer. The testing of the Toyota strut is the exact same as the older style with a shock absorber, this is the bounce test. An observation must be made when each of the front corners of the vehicle is pushed down and allowed to bounce back up. It is the movement of the body until it comes to a resting position that must be noted. If the strut on your Toyota is in proper working order, the body will move up once and then back to a resting position. The strut is showing signs of wear if the body of your vehicle continues to move up and down. The more movement that is present, the greater level of wear on your strut exists. The only solution to reducing the moment of the body up and down is the replacement of the strut on your Toyota, there are no other quick fixes. This suspension component is anchored to the vehicle on top at the fender well and on the bottom at the bottom of the spindle near the control arm.

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