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If the moon roof on your car, truck, or SUV is not operating smoothly this situation could be due to a defective sunroof motor. It some situations you may acknowledge that this component is operating slower than normal and this is the ideal opportunity to replace it. This device may also have an intermittent problem based on the nature of the malfunction. This issue will progress to the point that the roof will cease to operate completely and must be corrected as soon as possible to avoid this. A sunroof is a very beneficial feature to an automobile and adds to its value if it is functioning correctly. When this feature is defective then a negative impact develops.

A sunroof motor operates a series of gears to facilitate the operation of a moon roof to open and close smoothly as required. They are specifically designed and configured to meet application requirements. They operate the same as a power window motor to open and close the roof automatically. Prior to the 1990's sunroofs were opened and closed manually utilizing a hand crank and these devices were very cumbersome to operate. The incorporation of motors greatly enhanced this feature and increased its popularity as well. Power roofs are an available feature on almost every vehicle currently being manufactured.