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Select Your VehicleThough the brand isn't selling vehicles in the US anymore, buying aftermarket Suzuki parts online is still very easy. If you are looking for new components like brakes, fuel pumps, head gaskets, or struts, CPD is the place to find them. We carry a wide variety of replacement online, at super low prices. So don't think that you have to go to a salvage yard to find used equipment that's worn out and likely to fail within a short time, leaving you or a loved one stranded on the side of the highway. Buy new aftermarket or genuine OEM parts online from our web site today.

History of Suzuki

Suzuki LogoThe Suzuki Motor Corporation was formed in 1954 after its initial success in the motorcycle market. Initially, the company started as a loom manufacturer at the very beginning of the 20th century. After WWII, the cotton market collapsed and the founder, Michio Suzuki, began making parts for engines. Its first small-car was the Suzulight, which sparked the age of Japanese lightweight, fuel efficient automobiles.

Suzuki Components

While the company has been mostly a motorcycle and ATV brand, they have been consistently and reliably producing cars and light trucks for decades. They began selling automobiles in North America in 1985 with the Samurai micro SUV, and never did any Japanese auto manufacturer sell more vehicles in its first year than Suzuki. This popularity and the availability of replacement aftermarket parts is the reason why there are still a great many of these sporty cars mini-SUV's on the road today. is not associated with Suzuki in any manner. All images and references to the Suzuki name, vehicle model names, logo and shapes are for reference and identification only. All trademarks, tradenames and/or service marks are the property of their respective holders.