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Buick Sway Bar Bushing

The Buick sway bar bushing is a small but significant component of your suspension system. This auto part is made out of a polymer that helps to absorb the vibration through the stabilizer as it controls the side by side movement of your vehicle. The sway bar (or stabilizer) bushing on your Buick wears out over a period of time and needs to be replaced. The time period for this periodic maintenance repair is regulated by the style of driving the car experiences. The more aggressive the driving of your vehicle has to endure, the sooner the stabilizer bushings will wear out and need replacing. The reason your Buick sway bar bushing will wear out over time is that the pressure is applied to this auto part each time a corner is taken. The faster and sharper the corner is taken, the greater the pressure the bushing will experience. This is why over time the sway bar bushings on your Buick will need to be replaced. An inspection of the stabilizer bar bushings should occur periodically. They are located on the front of the vehicle near the ends of the sway bar where it is connected to the frame of the car. If this auto part is frayed, cracked or split, it should be replaced. For a better ride, if one side is replaced, so should the other side. Not only does an inspection inform the owner of a Buick that their bushings need to be replaced but also the way the car handles. If the cornering has become sluggish or you hear a clicking noise of metal to metal when cornering, this part of your suspension should be inspected and the replacement of the worn parts is recommended.

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