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Dodge Sway Bar Bushing

The Dodge sway bar bushing is one of the lowest cost parts on your vehicle but it plays a very important role in helping the driver to maintain control when cornering or maneuvering their vehicle. There are two sway bar (or stabilizer) bushings for each bar on all Dodge models made today. They are located where the metal stabilizer bar runs closest to the frame under the front or rear end of the car or truck. Their only purpose is to prevent any metal to metal contact between the sway bar and the frame of your vehicle. The sway bar bushings hold the sway bar in place so the side to side movement of your car or truck is kept to a minimum. This is one of the many parts on your Dodge that was inspired by racing cars. This increase in control was lauded on the race course, and was determined to be handy in traveling the roads with more control over the movement of your vehicle. An inspection of your Dodge sway bar bushings is very easy to accomplish. Once you locate them under your vehicle look, for any splitting or cracking in the polymer between the frame and the sway bar. Then grab the sway bar and see if you can actually move it. If there is play or movement in the bar, then it is no longer firmly anchored by the stabilizer bushings and replacement is warranted. If the worn sway bar bushings are not replaced, the sway bar will not be able to perform its duties on your Dodge and control when cornering and maneuvering will be less controlled by the driver of the vehicle.

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