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GMC Sway Bar Bushing

With proper GMC sway bar bushings in place, the side to side movement of your vehicle will be properly cushioned. The sway bar (stabilizer) bushings are the polymer grommets that prevent the metal to metal contact of the sway bar to the frame of your GMC truck. Locating the GMC sway bar bushings require the owner to look under the front of their truck. It is located forward of the engine on the cross member of the frame. The sway bar bushings are easy to identify because there are two of them holding the sway bar to the frame on your GMC. By looking closely at them you will be able to see if there are any splits or cracks in them. If you grab the sway bar and can move it, the stabilizer bar bushings will need to be replaced. The sway bar is on your truck to help the driver with better control as they are maneuvering the vehicle around corners and in traffic. When the sway bar bushings are worn, a small clunking noise might be heard when the stabilizer bar comes in direct contact with the frame. If this situation is not corrected with replacement parts, the play in the sway bar will wear down other components in the suspension system causing them to also need replacing. The replacing of these worn out bushings on your GMC truck does not take long or require any special tools. The truck does have to be lifted into the air with the wheels suspended. This will take the stress off of the stabilizer bar allowing for the bushing to be easily replaced. The time required should only be about 10 minutes once the truck is in the air.

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