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Nissan Sway Bar Bushing

The support of the Nissan Sway Bar Bushings is what reduces the side to side movement of your vehicle when maneuvering around a corner.

The location of the sway bar bushings is in the center of the sway bar under the front end of your Nissan. They are what holds the sway bar in place by mounting it firmly against the frame of your vehicle. This firm grip is made possible by the polymer makeup of the sway bar bushings.

Because the Nissan sway bar bushings are made of a polymer, in time with exposure to the environment they will dry out and crack. This is when the grip on the sway bar will be reduced. The driver of the Nissan will feel this effect when they are maneuvering their vehicle.

To know the exact condition of the sway bar bushings, the owner can do both a visual and physical inspection of them. The visual inspection will be to look for the cracks in the polymer or pieces of it missing. The physical inspection requires the sway bar to actually be grabbed to see if any movement is present in the bar which would indicate faulty sway bar bushings. If either of the inspections is positive, then these anti rolling support components should be replaced so stability can be returned to the maneuvering ability of your vehicle.

These bushings are generally only held down with one or two bolts. The owner of the Nissan can perform this repair procedure in less than 15 minutes if they have the correct set of wrenches or sockets. To help line up the holes, the vehicle should be lifted into the air with the wheel suspended. Roll up ramps would be the same as if the vehicle was on the ground.

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