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Oldsmobile Sway Bar Bushing

The Oldsmobile sway bar bushing provides structural support and the means to mount the stabilizer bar; inhibiting the lateral movement of your vehicle while it is maneuvering. It is these two polymer grommets that hold the sway bar in place on its mounting to the frame of your Oldsmobile. The sway bar (stabilizer) bushings can be located in the center section of the vehicle under the engine where this suspension component is attached to the frame of the Oldsmobile. The most common configuration is for a metal strap to be bolted to the frame in a circular fashion that encompasses the sway bar as it passes through. The sway bar bushing is the polymer grommet that cushions this component and holds it firmly next to the frame. This provides a firm foundation for the flexing at the ends of the sway bars to control the lateral movement of the body when the Oldsmobile is maneuvering. The Oldsmobile sway bar bushings will deteriorate over time; reducing the grip it has on the sway bar and its effectiveness in controlling the side to side movement of the body. The more these suspension components wear, the looser the grip they have in holding the sway bar or stabilizer bar in place and the effectiveness of the stabilizer bushings in performing their function. It is easy to determine if the sway bar bushings are in need of replacement. If light can be seen between the grommets and the sway bar, then they are excessively worn. If the sway bar is grasped by the inspector and it can be moved, is another way of determining that the grommets are worn and should be replaced.

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