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Toyota Sway Bar Bushing

The gripping power of the Toyota sway bar bushing helps the driver feel more confident when they are maneuvering their vehicle on the road. These are part of the anti-sway system incorporated into all vehicles today that originated on the race track. A Toyota owner can easily locate the sway bar or stabilizer bushings by just looking under their vehicle. The sway bar is the solid metal bar that runs from side to side across the front or rear of the vehicle and is attached to the control arms and/or wheel assemblies. The sway bar bushings are the polymer components that hold the sway bar in its place next to the frame of the vehicle so the ends can flex; giving the vehicle additional stability when lateral pressure is exerted on the body of the vehicle. In time due to the stresses the polymer grommets that hold the sway bar in place are exposed to, they will split and lose their shape. This causes the sway bar bushings to no longer have the ability to maintain a firm grip on the stabilizer bar and it moves when the Toyota is being maneuvered. Some drivers feel a loss of some control of their vehicle when this occurs. Luckily the replacement of the Toyota stabilizer bar bushings is one of the easiest repair procedures that are accomplished on a vehicle. With the vehicle lifted into the air and the wheels suspended, the sway bar bushings can be replaced with the removal of just a couple of mounting bolts. To total lime of the repair procedure on your Toyota once the car is in the air should be less than 30 minutes.

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