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Acura Sway Bar Link

If you are looking for an Acura sway bar link you might also want to look under the terms anti-sway bar link and stabilizer bar link. In the automotive industry, they all mean the same component independent of the make or model of your vehicle. This link is used to connect the sway bar to the frame so your Acura can have as level of a ride for its occupants as possible. The stabilizer link can easily be identified by being a small piece of metal bar that has a ball joint on each end of it with a stud coming out of the center so it can be firmly connected. These are sealed joints that must be routinely greased to ensure long life and effectiveness in preventing your vehicle from swaying from side to side when you are going around a corner or over rough terrain. The stiffer the stabilizer bar is, the greater the interaction with the opposing wheel is on your vehicle. The manufactures of quality Acura stabilizer bar links presently include Moog, Beck Arnley and Meyle to name a few that are currently available. Each sway bar link is made to original specifications set by Acura for this suspension component. The sway bar link should be greased each time you have an oil change and your car has a grease job. This will increase the effectiveness of the stabilizer link and lengthen its life span while on your vehicle. Other parts that should also be included in the grease job are the ball joints if present along with the idler arm and u-joints. This will help to improve the life span of these and associated components on your Acura.

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