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Audi Sway Bar Link

Your Audi sway bar link is an essential component of your car's suspension so you can enjoy a smoother ride. This is the component that connects the bar to the frame so the wheels of your Audi will stay on the road and not leave the ground when you are going around corners or over uneven terrain. There are many different shapes, sizes and configurations of sway bar links used on an Audi. They can be a straight bar or in the shape of a U. Some of the sway bar links have rubber bushing in them that wear out while others have a ball joint that has a stud coming out of them that also wear out over time. If your mechanic informs you that your sway bar links need to be replaced, asked to see them or just tell him to save the parts he takes off. It is your car and you own those parts. The inspection of these suspension parts is simple. If the sway bar link has a ball joint, look to see how much play is in the joint. You should also observe if there is a grease zerk on it. If no grease is present, then that is the reason for it to be worn out so easily. This is one of the many parts that should be routinely greased when you have your oil changed. If your Audi sway bar link is the type in the shape of a U then look at the bushing that is pressed into the ends. These polymer cushions crack and split over time and there is no choice but to replace them when they wear out so you can enjoy a smooth ride in your Audi when you are cruising down the road.

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