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Cadillac Sway Bar Link

The ability of the Cadillac Sway Bar Links to help stabilize the lateral movement of your vehicle is by design. There is a pair of the links at the end of the sway bar on both sides of the front of your vehicle.

At both the upper and lower ends of the sway bar links are polymer grommets. This is to cushion the places where the links are joined to the sway bar and the lower front wheel assemblies. The grommets are in place on your Cadillac so there is no metal to metal contact at the mounting points which eliminates the possibility of any noise from occurring during a maneuver of the vehicle.

The sway bar links are of a smaller diameter than the sway bar. This allows for the links to be the weak point in these anti rolling components. By being the weak point, if too much stress is placed on the Cadillac in a lateral motion of the vehicle, the links will break instead of the sway bar itself. This is beneficial to the owner of the vehicle since the sway bar links add considerably less expensive to replace in component costs as compared to the sway bar itself.

The sections of the sway bar links that will receive the greatest amount of wear on them is the polymer grommets at its ends. From being exposed to the elements on the road and the stresses from the pressure being exerted on them, the polymer will tend to split and crack in time. This is the most common reason for the Cadillac sway bar links to be in need of replacement. If they are not done when the polymer grommets are worn, then the lateral movement of the Cadillac will increase.

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