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Chevrolet Sway Bar Link

The Chevrolet sway bar link is the weakest part in your suspension system. It is connected to the sway bar at one end and the control arm on your Chevrolet. If the bushings become worn or the bar itself is broken, the effects will be immediately felt by the driver when cornering or turning the vehicle. For each model of Chevrolet the sway bar (or stabilizer) link is slightly different in its configuration. Many of them are just a straight bar with bushings on both ends. Others have a ball joint with a stud protruding from it at the end. You can locate them by following the sway bar to where it is connected to the control arm. If you grab it and there is a significant amount of movement, the sway bar link is worn and should be replaced. There 2 Chevrolet sway bar links on models with one sway bar, and 4 links on models with two sway bars. If one shows signs of being worn, the other is close behind and should also be replaced as well. Symptoms of a failure of the stabilizer link on your Chevrolet include excessive rolling action when the car is cornering. You might also hear a metal to metal sound of these suspension parts coming in contact with each other. Some drivers can also experience less control when traveling around a corner by not being able to corner as sharply as it was before. This lack of stability in a cornering maneuver could lead the driver to lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident. Having properly attached sway bar links is necessary for your vehicle to be controlled as expected when on the road. Failure to address this issue will cause a problem for you and other drivers around you on the road.

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