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Chrysler Sway Bar Link

With a firm grip the Chrysler Sway Bar Links will help to reduce the lateral movement of the body your vehicle will experience when it is being maneuvered. It is the polymer and metal components of the sway bar links that connect the sway bar to the front wheel assemblies on your Chrysler.

As each Chrysler ages as it is being used, so do the sway bar links in the suspension system. Indications that theses suspension components are worn out will include the splitting and cracking of the polymer grommets at each end of these parts. If this condition is present a thumping sound can be heard when the metal to metal contact is being made with the sway bar links and the other metal components it is connected too during a maneuver by the driver of the vehicle.

Another problem a Chrysler owner might have with these suspension components is that they could snap if the stress level exerted on them is too great. The breaking of the Chrysler sway bar links is by design by the engineers. These are made on purpose to be the weak link in this section of the suspension system because they are also the least expensive auto parts in it. This will help to reduce the repair cost to the owner of the vehicle that has too great of a lateral movement of their vehicle at some point in a maneuver.

The replacement of the sway bar links only requires the owner to raise the vehicle up and remove the old parts with a set of wrenches. The time required for both sides to be replaced is generally less than half an hour.

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