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Dodge Sway Bar Link

With the Dodge sway bar links firmly anchored to the wheel assembly, the driver will be able to take corners faster with more control. These suspension components have a couple polymer grommets and/or bushings at each end that, over a period of time, will wear out and have to be replaced. This means your Dodge can maintain the expected level of performance experienced by most owners. Most of the sway bar (or stabilizer) links are a very simply designed part. They have a tubular or solid metal bar with rubber or urethane bushings located at each end. It is these bushings that wear over time and the reason the stabilizer bar links have to be replaced periodically. There are two Dodge sway bar links for each sway bar on models being produced today, and most vehicles have bars in the front and rear. Another problem with the sway bar links is that the bar itself is the weak point in this section of the suspension system. Because of that, they will be the first component to break if too much stress is applied. Fortunately for the Dodge owner, this is the least expensive part in the suspension system. When cornering or taking a turn, if a metal to metal clunk is heard along with a loss of control the stabilizer links should be inspected for being faulty. Failure to do this inspection will result in a continued loss of control that could cause the vehicle to veer off the road in an uncontrolled manner. The replacement of this suspension part on your Dodge will also prevent the damage it can do over time if left unrepaired. With the low price of this links, replacement makes it easy to afford for any car or truck owner.

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