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Great cars and trucks like your Ascender need great parts.

Select Your VehicleYou bought your Ascender because its fuel efficiency and long-lasting quality agreed with your nature; so why would you be okay with second best when it comes to the highest quality auto parts? Make no mistake, you didn't buy your Ascender unless you knew that you wanted appealing looks and driver satisfaction both impeccably combined into one vehicle. Your Isuzu dealership isn't the only place to locate genuine or original equipment quality parts to repair your Ascender. While it may not be difficult to find replacement parts for Isuzu vehicles, these days only the absolute best are required to fix your automobile.

Don't go too long without fixing your Sway Bar Link... here's why.

Body roll is an undesirable result of cornering; something our suspension systems are always trying to correct. To ensure your suspension prevents excessive roll during cornering, Isuzu Ascender sway bar links connect the sway bar to the control arms at both ends. Without stabilizer links or a sway bar, the chassis would lose traction and understeer into each turn. This was an automotive technology that was pioneered about a hundred years ago on the race track, and now sway bar links are factory equipment on all commercial vehicles; including your Isuzu Ascender.

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