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Lincoln Sway Bar Link

The diameter of the Lincoln Sway Bar Link is slightly smaller than the sway bar itself. The sway bar link was designed in this manner so it will be the weak point in the anti rolling system on your Lincoln. This allows for the inexpensive sway bar link to break when too much stress is exerted on the vehicles body in a lateral motion than the sway bar which cost considerably more.

The Lincoln sway bar links are the end component of this anti rolling system that is used to stabilize the body of the vehicle when lateral forces are exerted on it. These forces are placed on the vehicle when it is maneuvering on the road or going around a corner. This link is connected to the sway bar and the lower front wheel assembly with a sway bar busing between each connection.

If the handling characteristics of the Lincoln seem to be sloppy not only should the sway bar links be inspected just in case it is broken, but also the condition of the bushings. This way if the bushings are worn they can be replaced returning the vehicles to handle back to what it once was.

To replace the sway bar link or the bushings only requires the removal of a nut or two. This should be done when the vehicle is lifted into the air with the wheels suspended so the load on this anti rolling system is released and the parts can easily be removed. If that is not done then the replacement of these components on your Lincoln will be very difficult if not impossible because of the load the sway bar places on the links.

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