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Mercedes-Benz Sway Bar Link

The influence of the Mercedes-Benz sway bar link is one of the components that help control the side to side movement of your vehicle while maneuvering. This is one of the technologies that was developed for racing cars, but has found a place on all vehicles made today as standard equipment. It is the sway bar (or stabilizer) link that connects the sway bar to the control arm on your Mercedes-Benz. This suspension component has both metal and polymer components to them, and will require regular inspection to make sure it is still intact. It is the polymer grommets that were designed to wear out over time so the connections would not be metal to metal between the A-frame and the stabilizer bar themselves. Not only do the sway bar links have polymer grommets that wear down over time, but the link itself is the thinnest of any component in this suspension system. It makes them the weakest link in this system and the part that would break if the load level becomes too great. The advantage of this to the Mercedes-Benz owner is that the stabilizer links are also the least expensive component in this suspension system. When they are in need of replacing, the cost is as low as possible as compared to the other parts. The inspection of the Mercedes-Benz sway bar links can be easily done by the owner. By looking at the grommets and grabbing the links themselves and noticing any play in them is all that is required. The sway bar links also do not require any special tools to replace them on your Mercedes-Benz. A simple set of wrenches is all that is required along with the vehicle being suspended in the air so the stress on this part of the suspension system is relieved.