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Mitsubishi Sway Bar Link

With the power of the Mitsubishi sway bar link being in place provides the driver with confidence that the lateral motion of your vehicle is under control. These are the suspension components that are located at the end of the sway bar and are connected to the A-frame or control arm near the wheel assemblies. Its purpose is to stabilize the vehicle during turns and other cornering maneuvers. The sway bar (stabilizer) links consist of a metal rod that has polymer bushings or small ball joints on either end. The grommets are in place so there is no metal to metal contact between the joining parts, and the ball joints are there to provide flexibility as needed. The ends of the sway bar links not only cushion the joining of the suspension components but also provide a small amount of give when stress is place on them while your Mitsubishi is being driven on the road. The diameter of the Mitsubishi stabilizer bar links is the smallest of any suspension component it is connected to. This was done by design so they are the weakest point in this section of your vehicle. By the sway bar links being the weak section, when an overload of stress is placed on this suspension system, they will snap in two. The advantage to the owner of this built in design flaw is these links are also the least expensive of all the component. This reduces the repair cost to the Mitsubishi owner considerable if the vehicle experiences this overload condition. The replacement of the sway bar links only requires a simple set of wrenches to complete and should be able to be completed in less than an hour once the Mitsubishi is safely lifted into the air. Once replaced, the side to side motion of the vehicle will be under better control when maneuvering the vehicle.

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