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Nissan Sway Bar Link

The Nissan sway bar link is the connector that joins the sway bar to the control arm on the front wheel assembly. It is constructed from both polymer and metal components. The ends of the sway bar (stabilizer) link will either contain polymer bushings or small ball joints on your Nissan. This was built into this suspension component by design to help cushion the connection of this to the other parts. This allows for a small amount of give when the car is maneuvering and the body attempts to roll laterally. Because of the amount of stress being placed on the stabilizer link, the polymer grommets will begin to wear in time. This wear is evident through some cracking or splitting of the rubber. It can also be the interior hole of the grommet becoming enlarged. In any of these circumstances, the sway bar link on your Nissan will then need to be replaced when it can no longer firmly hold the sway bar in place so a firm attachment to the control arm is no longer present. If the sway bar link is not replaced as it wears out, it will allow for much more sideways movement and roll away from turns. This increase in movement will place additional stress on this suspension component. In time the stabilizer link will snap because of this high level of stress. Fortunately for the Nissan owner, this suspension component was designed to be the weak link in this suspension system and is also the least expensive to replace. The replacement of the Nissan sway bar link is easy to accomplish in less than an hour for both sides of the vehicle. It also only requires a simple set of wrenches so the owner can accomplish this task on their own.

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