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Pontiac Sway Bar Link

The position of the Pontiac sway bar links is at both ends of the sway bar and at the lower control arms or trailing arms. These are the last components in the anti sway suspension system meant to help prevent your vehicle from rolling sideways when it is being maneuvered. The easiest way to inspect the sway bar or stabilizer links on the front of your Pontiac is to lift the vehicle into the air and look at the wheel assemblies. The most common type of sway bar link is a small rod with polymer grommets at each end where it is connected to another component on your Pontiac. When inspecting these anti roll components, the inspector should notice that these links are smaller in diameter than the stabilizer bar itself. This is built into the system by design so the stabilizer links will be the weak point in it. By doing so, it will be the links that break or snap if the level of stress exerted on this system is too great when the vehicle is being maneuvered. The advantage of this is that the sway bar links are the least expensive components in this anti roll system on your Pontiac; so the out of pocket expense of replacing them is as small as possible. Also during the inspection of the Pontiac sway bar and stabilizer links should be how the grommets appear and if they are still firmly holding the bar in place without any movement. If there is play in the mounting points of this suspension component, then replacement will improve the vehicles control during a maneuver. This will give the driver more control and an increase comfort level when attacking a corner at high speed.

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