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Toyota Sway Bar Link

With the Toyota sway bar links in place and in proper working order, the ability of the chassis to roll during cornering and turning will be limited. This is the purpose of these suspension components along with the rest of the anti-sway system. At both ends of most Toyota sway bar or stabilizer links are polymer grommets. These are like small bushings that consume some of the movement and cushion the contact between the metal to metal points where this suspension component is mounted to the ends of the stabilizer bar and the control arm. It is the polymer grommets on the sway bar links that will be the first place this suspension component will show signs of wear on your Toyota. The indications that the sway bar or stabilizer links are wearing out include the splitting of the polymer grommets along with the hole the bolts are mounted through begin to enlarge. Both of these conditions inhibit the ability of the sway bar links from properly performing this main function of providing a firm connection to the end of the sway bar to the front wheel assembly of your Toyota. These suspension components are the thinnest in this system in terms circumference. This is by design so they are the weakest link and will be the parts that will snap if the level of stress exerted on the system is too great for it to handle. This way the Toyota owner that has to replace the sway bar links is purchasing the lowest cost component in this suspension system. If their stabilizer bar itself were to break, the price of the repair bill would be significantly higher.

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