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Aftermarket & OEM Sway Bar Mount Bracket

If you notice a rattle coming from underneath your car or truck during operation it may be due to a worn or damaged sway bar mount bracket. A more apparent indication of this issue is if you experience the vehicle leaning while you are cornering. In some circumstances you may hear a grinding noise due to a missing bushing that was held in place by the bracket. When this situation is not corrected then unwanted stress is applied to associated suspension components leading to premature wear and possible failure. When a sway bar bracket is damaged or broken then the sway bar loses its ability to function correctly. Required repairs to steering and suspension devices need immediate attention because a chain reaction can occur.

Sway bar mount brackets are constructed of metal and designed specifically to facilitate the application. They secure the sway bar and the sway bar bushings in place to allow it to function correctly. The sway bar is an essential suspension component that controls the weight distribution of the vehicle while cornering. This device prevents excessive force from being applied to just one side of the automobile by distributing it evenly to both sides. This is a very important function of the suspension because it will prevent a car or truck from rolling over if you take a corner at an excessive rate of speed.

Replacing sway bar mounting brackets is a pretty basic maintenance procedure and the amount of time it takes depends on the rust conditions in most circumstances. You should raise the vehicle and place it on jack stands to provide enough ground clearance. Then you should apply a generous amount of penetrating oil and let it soak in. This is an idea time to replace the bushings as a part of this process.

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