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It's a pretty well known fact that automobiles need to have lights. Not just for safety, but because the government says you need them in order to drive on public roads. One these important safety features is the taillight. This is the light situated at the rear of the vehicle and informs drivers behind you of your actions and intentions. The light that illuminated when you press the brake needs to be red and the turn signal can either be a separate amber light, or a blinking brake light. Some of the assemblies also include a backup light depending on the model. All of these lights usually come as a sealed assembly; however there are a few cars and trucks that have separate pieces. One of those pieces in particular is called a tail lamp circuit board. This is a piece of plastic that holds the light bulbs and connects their electrical contacts to the rest of the wiring harness. It installs behind the lens.

The best way to tell if it's the whole circuit board that needs to be replaced is to replace the bulbs first. When you press on the brake pedal, none of the new bulbs will illuminate, and that indicates a problem with the board or the electrical contacts. It's okay to get bulbs first to test because they are inexpensive and you may need replacements in the future anyway. It's important to fix a broken tail lamp circuit board as soon as possible to your vehicle is operating at its highest level of safety and so you don't get a ticket from the police.

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