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The replacement Chevrolet tail lights and lenses are made to fit perfectly into your model of car. The need to replace this type of part is generally when your vehicle has been in an accident. The difference between the tail light and lens is simple. The tail light is an assembly which includes the lens, housing and gasket for the two parts to be joined together. The lenses are just the clear or red outer shell which the light illuminates through. Each Chevrolet model has their own set of tail lights and lenses which cannot be interchanged with other models, and in most instances different years of the same model. It is best to know what you have and need before ordering it online. One of the best ways to determine this is to remove the damaged tail light and lens from your car and comparing it to the pictures from the online auto parts store. The removal of the tail light and lens from your Chevrolet can also indicate just what you need. This way you can inspect the housing of the tail light assembly and notice any cracks that might have developed. If there is no damage, including the places where the screws or bolts are located, then only a lens might be required for this repair job. A repair shop will replace your Chevrolet tail light and lens, but it is a simple procedure and most Chevrolet owners are capable of completing this task on their own. Before installing this part check the bulbs or LEDs to make sure they are in working order or you might be taking this component apart again to make a replacement of the lighting elements.

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