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The Ford tail lights are aesthetic components on your vehicle, but must always be in working order by law. That is because they signal to drivers behind you when you are going to apply the brakes, back-up in reverse, and when you intend to turn or change lanes. The most common sources of damage are either by rear-end collision or vandalism. This is not a part that will just wear out over time. The tail light assemblies include the housing and cover units for the rear lights of a Ford vehicle. If you need to replace one that has been damaged for any reason, you must first be aware of just what you need. When purchasing a tail light, the entire assembly will be at your disposal. When purchasing just the lenses, the housing assembling of the tail light that is presently on your vehicle will have to be reused. The Ford tail light assembly must be replaced as an entire unit if there are any cracks or pieces missing from it. A typical place they will be cracked requiring the entire assembly to be replaced is the screw holes. If the lens cannot be securely attached to the housing assembly of the tail light, then it will either leak water into it or fall of when the vehicle is in motion. This is not acceptable for most Ford owners. A close inspection of the tail light is then necessary for the owner to know exactly what they need before ordering this auto part. Because this Ford component is not asked for very often, most auto parts stores will have to order it and have it delivered.

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