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Replacing a GMC Tail Light is something that almost anyone can do themselves. The only tools required are screw drivers and ratchets for the tail light assemblies to be removed and remounted. The main reason for the removal of the entire GMC tail light is so a complete visual inspection can be completed. If that is not done, a hairline crack could be missed which will leak moisture into the assembly causing an electrical short in the lighting system of your GMC truck. Before the tail light is removed from your truck, the battery should be disconnected. This will prevent any possibility of an electrical shock from occurring to the technician or owner when they are performing this procedure. In many instances the tail light will come out in pieces if it has been damaged in an accident or by vandalism. Once removed, the mounting components of this lighting system should also be inspected for damage. Properly working tail light will not help your truck perform better, but it will make it street legal. When functioning they will also make it possible for other drives around you to see your GMC truck at night or in low light conditions. If this lighting assembly has even just a small crack in it, rain water or debris from the road could enter it causing the bulbs to break or a short in the lamp circuit in your truck. This may make your vehicle open for a possible ticket if noticed by any law enforcement officer. A weekly inspection of the lighting system on your GMC truck is recommended to avoid being pulled over resulting in an unwanted ticket.

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