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If you are experiencing difficulty opening the tailgate on your truck then you may have a defective tailgate handle. Over time tailgate handles are subject to a lot of wear and tear and require replacement. When your tailgate doesn't function correctly then it creates a very frustrating situation that can be avoided by replacing the handle. In the event that you cannot open the tailgate at all then the loading and unloading process becomes very difficult. In some cases, you may be able to open it if you know the right combination of popping it with the palm of your hand while holding the handle. Tailgate handles are subjected to a lot of pressure during operation and at some point the handle can break. This situation will expose sharp edges that could possibly cause an injury when attempting to open the tailgate. A properly operating tailgate can usually be opened using one hand. Normally, when you need to lower a tailgate at least one of your hands are full and this further complicates the process. All access points to a vehicle need to be serviceable and proper preventive maintenance and repairs are required to accomplish this mission.

Trucks have not always been equipped with tailgate gate handles. This concept was incorporated in the late 1960's when trucks began to get more popular and not just a work vehicle. Manufactures begin making more higher-end pickup trucks with chrome trim and tailgates with handles. Prior to this development tailgates were secured in the closed position utilizing tailgate chains and hooks. The chains and hooks also performed the function of holding the tailgate level when it was open. Truck tailgate design has come a long way over the years by adding tailgate handles and tailgate support cables.

The process of replacing a truck tailgate handle will depend on design of the tailgate involved. The procedure is relatively simplex and will just require a few basic tools. The handle is normally mounted to the tailgate assembly utilizing a few screws or bolts. On some trucks and SUV's you might have to remove an access panel prior to removing the handle from the tailgate. When removing the handle and disconnecting the control rods or cables make sure they don't fall down into the tailgate. You may need to secure them somehow using an appropriate method based on the design. String or tape is all you need in most circumstances. Before you install the new handle you must insure that it is properly lubricated to facilitate smooth operation and reduce excessive wear. Make sure that the latch release cables are secured correctly. This is also an idea time to lubricate the latching devices.

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