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The Buick Thermostats have the ability to open and close as a predetermined temperature so the coolant temperature can be made constant in the engine. This is made possible by the bi-metal springs the thermostats are constructed with.

The thermostat on the Buick engine can be located by following the upper radiator hose to where it is connected to the engine. Under this housing is this temperature control device. The thermostat will remain closed preventing the flow of the engine coolant until a predetermined temperature is reach when the engine is started up. This makes it possible for the engine to reach it proper operating temperature so top performance of the engine is made possible quickly.

If the Buick thermostat is stuck in the open position the engine will never be able to obtain this proper operating temperature. This can be noticed by the Buick driver when they observe the temperature gauge on their dashboard. They can also turn on the heater in the passenger compartment. If the temperature of the air coming out of the vents is not at the correct level, then again the coolant is flowing too fast to warm up properly.

The replacement of the thermostat can be accomplished by the owner of the Buick by removing the two bolts that hold down the housing cover of this temperature control device. After the contact area of the housing and the engine block is cleaned of the old gasket material the valve in the temperature control device should be manually opened to make sure it is not stuck in the closed position. This should be done since it is rumored that 5% of all valves in this type of device are stuck closed coming from the factory.

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